A downloadable game for Windows

You're cabin in the arctic is under attack from the Snowmen! Shoot fireballs at them to eliminate the threat before they freeze up your heat generator. But don't forget to stay warm or you'll freeze up too!

WASD - Movement
Mouse - Look Around
Left-Click - Shoot
Escape - Quit

- Standing on the porch decreases your body temperature, while standing within the cabin warms you up slowly
- Generator temperature determines how much heat is generated to your cabin, the lower the generator temperature, the less warmth you'll gain
- Snowmen will try to bury themselves by the generator, reducing its temperature, so shoot fireballs at them to melt them
- Shooting fireballs at the generator will increase the temperature by a bit
- If the generator dies, you will start losing heat regardless of inside or outside
- You lose when your body temperature reaches 0

Game made for CSC404 and Uken Game Jam.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run Shoot_Defend_Stay_warm.exe to play!

Make sure window resolution matches your screen!


Shoot_Defend_Stay_Warm.zip 10 MB